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CHECKERBOARD DANCE FLOOR: Satomi Quilts Colorstory FQ Bundle versions

Checkerboard pattern: timeless design or a retro trend?

I reimagined the simple checkerboard quilt block to create a dancefloor replete with the tiny square dancers who could be dancing the night away in any time or place. Perhaps you will see yourself on the dance floor?


Before getting into the new quilt pattern, I’d like to talk about how I ended up making a Checkerboard Dance Floor quilt block.

Fabric of a Nation: American Quilt Stories, a new exhibition launched at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston two years ago. Amanda @broadclothstudio teamed up with @mfaboston and included eight other quilt pattern designers to host an exhibition-inspired Quilt Along. (Check this out on Instagram >>> #mfaQAL)

It was an amazing opportunity for me to work with the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Amanda and fellow designers. Each of us picked one traditional quilt block from the list provided and gave a modern twist to our own choice of block. It was super fun and inspirational to be part of it. I wouldn't even think of designing this block if I wasn’t part of it. I was so grateful for that! (Check this out)



Checkerboard Dance Floor block is my modern take on the traditional checkerboard block. It was originally a 12” SQ block and it included 108 pieces to make one block. Yes, there were many pieces to put together but the strip piecing made everything much easier and quicker! 



To make it to a full size quilt, I decided to change the block size to 18” SQ and added the sashing & cornerstones to have a fresh look. Still you have to follow the same process to make the block but I thought larger pieces would be approachable for many quilters.



This cover quilt is a large throw size and measures at 78" SQ. I used 18 colors from Satomi Quilts Colorstory FQ Bundle and Kona Cotton Snow for the background.

The Checkerboard Dance Floor quilt is traditionally pieced and it includes four sizes: a baby (36" SQ), a small throw (54" SQ), a large throw (78" SQ) and a bed (102" SQ).

Method used in the process: No-Waste Four at a Time Flying Geese and Strip piecing.


These are the colors I used from the bundle to make the cover quilt. FQs on the right side in the photo above is Group 1 and the left side is Group 2.


The Frying Geese for the star units made using No-Waste 4 at a Time Flying Geese method. This is my go-to way of making the Flying Geese. (See the quick video >>> IG reel)


Pressing seams might be a lot of work. At least it was for me! So I changed my game doing finger pressing first, then used iron to make the seam flat. (See the quick video >>> IG reel)


Bright Kona Cotton Honeysuckle for the binding.



Beautiful "Diamond Loops" quilting by Wild Phil Quilting. I wanted to have some sort of geometric type of quilting but at the same time I wanted to have some curves too. So this quilting design was perfect and I loved how it turned out!


I also made this one a bundle using 8 colors. This small throw measures at 54" SQ and I used Kona Cotton Lingerie for the background.



I quilted it on BERNINA Q16 with an Aurifil thread (50wt #2021). I love Ribbon Candy quilting because it’s easy to work row by row. I know exactly where I’m quilting and how long to go. My preference is to quilt on 3” - 4” width and the quilting density is just the way I like.




 I hope you enjoy making your own Checkerboard Dance Floor quilt. Happy quilting!






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