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Pattern Corrections and updates

004_ON THE ROAD _ Updated on 9/14/2021

The printing style of the instructions had been changed to Portrait orientation from Landscape.

The instruction pages had been reduced to 6 pages from 8 pages.

Page 3 _ Section 3, Step 9: Sew dark pink 1 ½” x 2 ½” rectangle, the units from Diagram 20 and Diagram 21 together. Refer to Diagram 22 for the placement of the units.


005_A LITTLE BREAK _ Updated on 1/7/2020

Page 1 _ Cutting instructions for Crib size _ 2 Strips: Cross cut into (6)2 ½”x 12 ½”


006_A LITTLE BREAK – TINY MUG – Updated on 7/13/2020

Page 2 and 3 _ To make the block _ Diagram corrected (STEP 2 – 5 for the heart)
Both the paper and digital patterns are updated.


012_MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS _ Updated on 8/11/2020

Page 5 and 8 _ Section 3 _ Diagram color corrected to yellow (parts A for star)
Also the lines of the diagrams were so light that it didn’t show well on paper version. I fixed the issue but I had to reduce the diagram numbers. Both the paper and digital patterns are updated.



  • Updated on 2/11/2021
Page 12_OPTION - Template C / Template D
Measuring and trimming the umbrella blocks could be lengthy process. I made two templates to make this process easier and quicker. Please see how to use them in the tutorials on my website.
These are the useful templates to trim the corners for the umbrella blocks. To use the templates, you need a quilter’s cutting ruler. Please see the tutorials how to use them on my website.
  •  Updated on 7/5/2021

Page 3 and 4_Cutting instructions for assorted fat eighth for the towels_2”x 9 ½” rectangles

Page 9_Step 1: Gather (2) 2” x 9 ½” color rectangles and (1) 2” x 9 ½” white rectangle. 



  • Updated on 2/11/2021
Due to moving the domain to new platform, old blog and tutorial's URL has been changed. 
Page 8_*Check my website out for the easy way to trim three-piece triangle square!
  •  Updated on 5/30/2021

Block diagrams of "Three-Piece Triangles" are fixed in the instructions.



  • Updated on 10/25/2020
Page 9 _ Throw _ Table for the block placements corrected (STEP 1)
The words “ROW” and “COLUMN” in the table have to be switched. The digital pattern is updated. There is no change for the paper patterns since I found this mistake before sending the info to the printing office.
  • Updated on 2/11/2021
Due to moving the domain to new platform, old blog and tutorial's URL has been changed. 
Page 1_Check my website out for the free download printable labels.



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