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STAR BLOSSOM quilt pattern

Hello everyone!

Star Blossom quilt pattern is out to the world! I'm so excited about this pattern and happy that you are here to check it out! 

 I designed this pattern during the winter. I've been dreaming about spring to come! Cherry blossoms, flowers, trees, pebbles, blue sky and grasses ( light green we see during winter), these were the color inspirations.



Star Blossoms quilt pattern includes 4 sizes.
Crib (45"x 45")
Large Throw / 16 blocks (60"x 60")
Large Throw / 20 blocks (60"x 75")
Bed (90"x 90")


 The quilt in the photo above is 16 blocks Large Throw using 16 FQs.




This pattern is FQ, 1/4 yard and 1/2 yard friendly. 

If you would like to make 16 blocks Large Throw size, you need to make 16 blocks from 16 FQs or 1/4 yard. 

Preparing 16 different fabrics is too much for you? You can choose to use 8 Half yard instead. 


Here is the material requirements.

Crib size doesn't include 1/2 yard choice since it has only 9 blocks. It's easier to spread the colors when there are more blocks.




Fun thing about this pattern is that you can choose your favorite fabrics or colors and mix them up! 

These are from Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman and I used them for the cover quilt. I selected these colors as my spring inspiration.

The colors I used are below.

Med.Pink, Woodrose, Blush Pink, Melon, Corsage, Gumdrop, Ash, Smoke, Seaform, Fog, Bahama Blue, Lingerie, Latte, Ochre, Gold and Roasted Pecan



It might look complicated when you see the quilt top but all you have to do is making this block. The basic of the design is a traditional star block. I added a plus inside of the star, flying geese & half square triangles (HST) around the star, and X to the corners as secondary pattern.

It includes 8 HST at a time technique and 4 at a time Flying Geese technique which are very helpful to make many these units, and also the step by step instructions with a lot of diagrams to walk you though the process.



But to make the process of the block making easier, all the parts needs to be labeled and coordinated the colors for each block.



One block has 4 colors and background. The instruction includes the table to help coordinating the colors. It might take some time to coordinate until you get use to it but it's important process and once you are done then all you have to is sewing the each block!



I can't talk about this quilt without mentioning the quilting by Kim Santariello (IG account: @kbsant) !!! How gorgeous it is!! She did a beautiful work!

The quilting design I choose was Modern Meander by Beauty Girl Quilts.



It was first time I decided to use the wool batting. Actually I didn't know about difference of wool batting compare with cotton. Thank you to Kim for explaining the difference. So the wool batting is more light, fluffy and warm! And if you want to send your quilt to the quilt show, the wool batting reduces the crease. 
I'm a big fan of wool batting now! The texture created by the density of the quilting and the wool batting are amazing!




I love how it looks after piecing all the blocks together! It's just fun!



I've working on 2 other versions but I couldn't finish making them before the pattern release day. But I will share some photos. 

(If you've been following me on Instagram, you've seen them already.)


Crib size, using 9 Confetti 1/4 yard fabrics and Grunge fabric for the background. Both from Moda fabrics.



Also using 10 Speckles (by Ruby Star Society from Moda fabrics) 1/2 yard fabrics and moda white solid for the background. I'm still making blocks but it's going to be 20 blocks Large Throw size.



I hope you enjoy making this pattern as much as I do! 

Shop STAR BLOSSOM digital pattern

paper pattern

Happy quilting!




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