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I may have been a little quiet on the social media lately. Well, I've been working on exciting projects behind the scenes. And finally I'm able to share what I was working on with you!
But first, it's important to make clear that I haven't been working alone. I've been a part of a group of extremely talented designers! Amanda from Broadcloth Studio formed a team of quilter pattern designers to work on a project: "2021 A Quilt Odyssey." When she reached out to me, I immediately responded, "YES!!!" It sounded so good to me and I knew I was about doing something exciting with her and others! Of course, I didn't know who the others were at that moment. When I discovered who else was involved, I was like, "Wow!" I was so excited to get the chance to work with all of them.
Alright, here are they are! I'm so honored to be a part of this amazing team. Each one of them is so talented, energetic, motivated, and inspirational. They were ready to go from the moment it started and I loved the energy. (Although I felt like I was 100 miles behind them already!)
Make sure to follow them on Instagram!
Each of the designers created a modern star block pattern which was inspired by their choice of a traditional star block. 



They are all free patterns. To get a pattern, you can take a fun personality quiz on Amanda's website. By taking the quiz, you will reach the star block that best reflects your personality and you will receive the pattern download link. Also, you'll be able to get download links for the other 8 block patterns, too, without having the quiz again. It takes only a few minutes to get the result. The quiz is just so fun and it made me smile!





The block pattern I made was this! STRIPED RIBBON STAR!! 
So I chose Ribbon Star block. Well... Is it a traditional block? That's actually a good question because there is not much historical information about this block. It wasn't easy to pick one because there are so many star blocks and they could be so similar.
This block design might look simple, but I had to re-design it at least 25 times to make this one! Thank you to my superstar teammates for giving me great advice on how to improve my block! After all of the draft versions of this block that I made before settling on this one, I might make a full quilt pattern using them someday... or maybe two!




Ribbon Star quilt block is made by simple Half Square Triangles. The V-shapes created by three HSTs look like the cut ends of a ribbon. I designed my block using pieced flying geese units which made it look so unique! And the small squares on each side of the block add a little accent to it.
I'm super excited to show you a few projects what I did with the blocks. I'm so excited that finally I can share them!!



I made a bag as one of my projects. Oh my goodness! I'm loving it so much!! I used the beautiful Homebody collection from Maureen Cracknell for Art Gallery Fabrics and also Decostitch Elements pink powder for the background of the block.



I used Somerset Tote Bag pattern by SotakCo to make this bag. When I saw the fabrics, I knew I had to make something I can carry because they were so beautiful! 





There is a divided pocket inside. It was first time that I made this type of pocket and enjoyed learning how to make it.  I used the canvas for the inner.



Back side of the bag. I kept it simple.



The drawstring part is so cute! And it's useful to be able  to close the top. 



Another project was a sampler quilt top. I made all 9 blocks with Kona Cotton Fabrics from my stash and scraps. It turned out so pretty!
Click each photo below to see who is the designer. (Although you might know already!) It really shows the style and personality of each designer. I enjoyed so much making each star block!
 Here is the top I made!!
 (Quilt holder: My 10-year-old son)
You can also get the instructions to complete the quilt top. (Instructions made by Amanda, Broadcloth Studio) It makes a great throw size. So what do you think?  Are you ready to make these blocks?




I hope you enjoy taking the quiz and making 2021 A Quilt Odyssey quilt blocks!
(Access to the quiz link and the pattern free download ends on 6/30/2021)
Happy quilting everyone!







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