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PATCHWORK MUGS QAL - WEEK 1: Preparing the fabrics


Welcome to the PATCHWORK MUGS QAL!! I'm thrilled that you're joining me for this quilt along. Are you ready? Let's get started!


(If you haven't read the details, please do. There is a lot of information about this QAL.)


WEEK 1: Preparing the fabrics

Have you decided on which version you want to make? The material requirements are listed on the back cover of the pattern, but I'd like to discuss tips for curating your fabrics.



Curating your fabrics 

I wanted to share how much fun it is to play with colors and fabrics to create the cozy, scrappy look for each of the PATCHWORK MUGS cover quilts. Making intentionally scrappy quilts might seem a bit overwhelming at first, with so many colors and fabrics to choose from. But for these quilts, it's not as tricky as it seems. You might need to think about it a bit, but don't stress too much! If you're not sure where to start, just think about the theme you want to go for. Take, for example, the Heart version quilt I made for Valentine's Day. I went all out with bold pinks and reds. For the heart, I used softer, low-volume fabrics, with a solid aqua color as the calming background. I stuck to solid fabrics for all three quilts because I love how they keep things looking neat, even with all the different fabrics involved. Plus, they really make those busy, scrappy blocks pop – exactly what I was going for!



Crated by Satomi Hoar for the cover quilt (Tree version) + Kona Cotton Glacier for the background


Crated by Satomi Hoar for the cover quilt (Heart version)


Crated by Satomi Hoar for the cover quilt (Star version)



Whichever version you want to make, you need 18 Fat Quarters (FQ = 18" x 21" cut fabric)  for the mugs and cornerstones. The cornerstone is those cute little four patches between the sashing.



You will need:

  • 3 FE for Tree units - Tree version
  • 6 FE for Heart pieces - Heart version
  • 4 FE for Star units - Star version



  • 1 FE for the Tree version

You need it for the tree trunk but the pieces are really small, so feel free to use your scraps!



I already mentioned it at the beginning, but ensure there's enough contrast so that the mug blocks and background don't blend together. If you use soft colors for the mug blocks, use bold colors for the background. If you use bold colors for the mug blocks, use soft and light colors for the background.



 My fabric pull for the QAL:

  • (18) FQ (18" x 21" cut fabrics): (9) Kona Cotton + (9) Mix of AGF - Pure Solids, Elements and La Vie en Rose

  • (4) FE (9" x 21" cut fabrics): (3) Mix of AGF - Pure Solids, Elements and La Vie en Rose + (1) Kona Cotton

  • 2 1/4 yards for Background (AGF Pure Solids: Candied Cherry)






I made some mock-up images for the color inspiration.


 Snowy pine tree version


Easter egg version


Night sky version


Also don't forget to share a photo of your process on Instagram or Facebook (if you have an account) using #patchworkmugsqal and #patchworkmugsquilt, and also tag me @satomi_quilts (Instagram) or @SatomiQuilts (Facebook). It's a great way to inspire and connect with other participants!


Good luck everyone!!


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