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PATCHWORK MUGS quilt - Heart pieces

Make the pieces for the heart



Before sewing, I recommend laying out the pieces and assessing the balance of the colors. You want to make it scrappy, so ensure that you use different colors/prints for the mug parts.

Choose two Squares A from each pile that you sorted in the previous week to make the two HSTs for the heart pieces.

I've used the Corner Square Triangle (CST) method many times in my quilt patterns. It's very useful and easy to sew the triangle on the corner of the square. I've instructed to use this method to sew these small squares in the pattern.
Tip: The Diagonal Seam Tape is very useful tool to sew the diagonal without marking the squares. I use it all the time!
To make the HSTs, draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of one of the squares. RST, sew on the marked line, trim 1/4" away from the stitch line and press.
You don't need to think about the direction of the diagonal line here unless you use the directional prints for the heart pieces.

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