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PATCHWORK MUGS quilt - Tree units

Make the tree units


Before sewing, I recommend to layout the pieces and see the balance of the colors. You want to make it scrappy, so make sure to use the different colors/prints for the mug parts.


I've been using the Corner Square Triangle (CST) method many times in my quilt patterns. It's very useful and easy to sew the triangle on the corner of the square. I've instructed to use this method to sew the tip of the tree in the pattern.

Use your choice of two Squares A from each pile that you sorted in the previous week to make these pieces.


This process may be a little tricky to some of you if you've never done it before. Draw a 45-degree angle diagonal line on the wrong side of Rectangle K. So how did I do it?

When you look at the photo above, you can see through the green fabric piece after layering the yellow fabric piece on top of it. I marked the point where the left bottom corner of the green fabric piece meets the left side of the yellow fabric piece. Then draw the diagonal line from the top-right corner of the yellow fabric piece to the marked point. It's so much easier to do it this way.

But if you can't see through the fabric piece, then you may try below.

The short side of Rectangle K is 2", so I marked 2" away from the corner to the long side of the rectangle. Then draw the diagonal line from the corner to the 2" mark as shown in the photo above. 


There are other ways to draw the diagonal lines. You may use the diagonal line on the quilt ruler to mark the line.


You may finger press to mark the diagonal line. Which way works best for you?


Use the same method for the other end of the rectangle, but in the opposite diagonal direction.


Repeat the process for other piece. (Rectangles L and M)


Sew these pieces together.


Again, use the CST method to sew the bottom tree piece. (Rectangle N and Squares O) Sew the tree trunk and mug parts (Rectangles P and Q) together, and then sew these pieces together.


Sew all the pieces together to make the tree unit.

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