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PATCHWORK MUGS QAL - WEEK 2: Cutting the fabric and organizing

Welcome to the PATCHWORK MUGS QAL WEEK 2!! This week, we will be cutting the fabric and labeling the pieces. Organizing the cut pieces will make your work much easier, and let me help with that.
  • If you just decided to join us, don't worry! You still have time to catch up. But please make sure to read the details. There is a lot of information about this QAL. To purchase the PATCHWORK MUGS quilt pattern (paper/digital)
  • Updates on how to be eligible for a chance to win - Some participants have reported that their posts are not appearing under the hashtags on Instagram.
    • Make sure that your Instagram account is set to public.
    • Share a photo of your completed quilt top on Instagram or Facebook using #patchworkmugsqal & #patchworkmugsquilt, also tag me @satomi_quilts if you post on Instagram. (see the QAL info page on how to tag people on Instagram)
    • If you are not sure about how to tag me on Instagram, leave a comment on the Week 7 post to let me know that you've completed the quilt top after you've posted a photo to your account.

    WEEK 2: Cutting the fabric and organizing

    Click below to download the fabric organization sheet.
    Click below to download the labels.
    I've created a fabric organization sheet and labels to help with organizing the fabrics and cut pieces. You can use these for all versions of the PATCHWORK MUGS quilt. Feel free to download the PDF files, print them, and use them!

    Divide 18FQs into GROUP 1 AND GROUP 2

    No matter which version you are going to make, you need to have 18 FQs and divide them into GROUP 1 (12 FQs) and GROUP 2 (6 FQs). The photo above shows my fabrics for the star version. How did I decide which fabric/color goes into which group?
    I really don't think we should stress about how to divide these FQs into two groups here because the fabrics/colors will be mixed up at the end, and you may not notice much of a difference. And that's the beauty of this pattern!
    Although I'd like to mention one thing: the fabrics you choose for GROUP 1 (12 FQs) will also be used for the mug handles and the part of mug units for the mug motifs, so these may be seen a little more in the blocks. This is something you can keep in mind when you divide the FQs.

    Cut the fabric

    Now we are cutting the fabric according to the instructions. See the cutting instructions for your version and try your best to cut the pieces precisely using a quilting rotary cutter and rulers on the cutting mat. My favorite tools are the OLFA 45mm rotary cutter, Creative Grids 6.5" x 12.5" ruler, and Omnigrip 8.5" x 24" ruler.
    You may cut the pieces and label them as you go, which may be less confusing since there are many pieces. However, I prefer cutting everything first and then labeling them. Why do I like this way? Because I can concentrate solely on cutting the pieces accurately. Also, I feel like it's faster to cut all the pieces at once since there is no interruption to think about the labels. Anyway, our minds work differently, so it's totally up to you!
    (NOTE: The labels in the photo above show are old version. )
    Some of you may notice that the label W is missing. I accidentally skipped it in the instructions. For that reason, the new labels includes Z (the background fabric for the cornerstones) instead of W. I'm so sorry about this!! And I think I will keep this way to avoid confusion by changing the labels. 

    Divide Squares A into 12 piles (for 12 mug units)

    I'd like to share how to divide these Squares A into twelve (12) piles. One pile of Square A will be used for one mug unit. I don't want to make it a rule here, but I thought it might be helpful to share how I divided them sort of equally for those who don't know where to start or feel overwhelmed by the many squares.
    First, take the squares with the same print/color from a pile.
    Place twelve (12) squares as shown in the photo above. The first square is added to each pile here.
    Take other squares with the same print/color and add each square to each pile from the previous process.
    It depends on the version, but you may have more than 12 Squares A of the same print/color and in that case, set the extra squares aside.
    At the end, I had twelve (12) piles of Square A and the extra pieces, as shown in the photo above. Now, I will add these extra squares to the piles. Take one piece at a time and add it to each pile. Each pile should have 21 pieces of Square A for the Star and Tree version and 23 pieces for the Heart version.
    Stack the pile of squares as shown in the photo above to keep them separate. Set them aside.
    Again, this is how I did it and you don't need to follow exact steps. But you may try it if you are having difficulty dividing the squares for the mug units.
    Good luck with the cutting and organizing! And don't forget to share a photo of your process on Instagram or Facebook (if you have an account) using #patchworkmugsqal and #patchworkmugsquilt, and also tag me @satomi_quilts (Instagram). It's a great way to inspire and connect with other participants!


    • 3/1   - Week 1: Preparing the fabrics
    • 3/8   - Week 2: Cutting the fabric and organizing
    • 3/15 - Week 3: Sew the tree, heart or star units/pieces
    • 3/22 - Week 4: Make 6 mug units
    • 3/29 - Week 5: Make 6 mug units
    • 4/5   - Week 6: Make 12 mug handle units and complete all 12 mug blocks
    • 4/12 - Week 7: Make cornerstone, sashing rows and assemble the quilt top
    • 4/20 - The last day to share a photo of your finished quilt top on Instagram/Facebook using #patchworkmugsqal & #pacthworkmugsquilt, also tag me @satomi_quilts (Instagram) or leave a comment on the Week 7 post to let me know that you've completed the quilt top after you've posted a photo to your account.
    • 4/22 - The winners will be announced on Instagram/Facebook and in a newsletter.

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