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PATCHWORK MUGS QAL - WEEK 6: Make 12 mug handle units and complete all 12 mug blocks

Welcome to PATCHWORK MUGS QAL WEEK 6!! This week, we will be making the mug handle units and then completing 12 mug blocks.

WEEK 6: Make 12 mug handle units and complete all 12 mug blocks


The first step is to make the mug handles. Make all twelve of them according to the instructions. Selecting the prints/colors for the handles here is less complicated; I simply picked three different prints/colors for each handle randomly.



After piecing together all the mug handles, divide them into two groups, as shown in the photo below: six handles each.


Tip: Place them as I did in the photo below. It prevents sewing the mug handle units in the wrong direction!



Sew the handle, Rectangles G and H together to make the mug handle unit. 



Sew the mug unit and the mug handle unit together. Make 6 mug blocks with the handle on the right side.



And make other 6 mug blocks with the handle on the left side.


Good luck with making all twelve blocks this week! I can't believe that next week will be our final week of QAL!


Don't forget to share a photo of your process on Instagram or Facebook (if you have an account) using #patchworkmugsqal and #patchworkmugsquilt, and also tag me @satomi_quilts (Instagram). It's a great way to inspire and connect with other participants!




  • 3/1   - Week 1: Preparing the fabrics
  • 3/8   - Week 2: Cutting the fabric and organizing
  • 3/15 - Week 3: Sew the tree, heart or star units/pieces
  • 3/22 - Week 4: Make 6 mug units
  • 3/29 - Week 5: Make 6 mug units
  • 4/5   - Week 6: Make 12 mug handle units and complete all 12 mug blocks
  • 4/12 - Week 7: Make cornerstone, sashing rows and assemble the quilt top
  • 4/20 - The last day to share a photo of your finished quilt top on Instagram/Facebook using #patchworkmugsqal & #pacthworkmugsquilt, also tag me @satomi_quilts (Instagram) or leave a comment on the Week 7 post to let me know that you've completed the quilt top after you've posted a photo to your account.
  • 4/22 - The winners will be announced on Instagram/Facebook and in a newsletter.




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